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It all started in the year 1997, when our family was visited by my cousin and her mother. At that time, finding decorative materials that suited the African-American culture was a big deal. We went to stores and then we always got responses like “we don’t get such requests frequently. You have to order specially” or “Such stuffs don’t sell very well”. Some even told us that the sales of such materials have been discontinued. Those comments motivated us to start producing the hand-made versions of the materials using any relevant resource we could get.

…then we saw that it was good…

We then decided to expand our reach by making items like cups, plates, napkins, gift bags and totes, all in the African-American style. In 2004 UZURI KIDZ was one of the first companies to create and design for retail sales of this product line which filled the void in the market place. Parents can purchase their complete party attires on our website.


Our website sells our Party supplies, dolls, puppets, custom T-shirts to ensure that Parents from different races find items that reflect the lifestyle of their culture on their children


Parents can come and purchase one of our custom T-shirts with their child’s name on it. They can also purchase invites for their child’s recital. We offer suggestions on how to create unforgettable party experiences using the UZURI KIDZ Brand.

We create custom family and Class re-union T-shirts, cups, bags and other give-a-ways like the “when I grow up T-shirt line”.

We also work with schools to enhance or create a school Spirit program because we are committed to community service endeavors that are aligned with our mission


First off, UZURI means “beauty”. We think all Kids are beautiful, no matter what color/race they are. Hence, our mission is to ensure that children of different races can dream about becoming anything in life and feel good about their own image.


Melissa Perkins (Co-owner)

Blanche Perkins (Co-owner)

Bill Fields (Senior Accounts Sales)

Adria Fields (Co-Owner. Legal & PR)

Freddie Johnson (Legal)

Stephanie Lewis (Custom Relation & Set Layout)

Arthur Perkins (Artist)

Dennis Ginther (Engineer)

Raven William (Social Media)

William (Web Media & Artist)

Tyler (Trade Show Sales & Community Involvement)


Our team is committed to providing quality products with superior custom service. A team member can be contacted: 614-440-4601 or email us@ uzurikidkidz@yahoo.com





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